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1) What is the internal covariate shift and what are the consequences of it?

  • Internal covariate shift occurs when the statistical distribution of input data changes drastically with respect to other input data.
  • When the input data distribution changes, hidden layers try to learn to adapt to the new distribution. …

Machine learning is not model training.

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1) Contents

a. Data Collection

b. Exploratory Data Analysis

c. Data Preprocessing

d. feature engineering

e. Feature Selection

f. Model Selection and Hyperparameter Tuning

h. Model Evaluation and Analysis

2) Data Collection :

  • Many people think machine learning only concerns train models, but in fact, there are many to follow before training our model.

Untangle hypothesis testing with a detailed walkthrough


what is a Hypothesis testing?

  • A statistical test that gives evidence to accept or reject the null hypothesis with a sample of data from the condition which is true for the entire population.
  • If we have to show two distributions are different then we prove by contradiction by…

Detailed code walkthrough

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This blog strictly limits to code walkthrough to generate a summary using Text to text transfer transformer(T-5). If you guys are curious about how T-5 works and how it was pretrained and fine-tuned on downstream NLP tasks check out the following the blog.

1) Installing Hugging-face transformers:

  • Hugging face an open-source NLP library that…

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